10 Best Cookie Presses 2017 [Reviews]

The market is plagued with different types of cookie presses by different brands. Each brand boasts of making the most excellent cookie appliance in the industry. As a result, the best cookie presses are a bit difficult to come by because some of the brands cannot be trusted.

best cookie presses

The good news is that the editors of this product reviews website took the time to scour the market with an objective to uncover the best cookie press with all the essential features that will help make your cookie making less stressful, fun, and much more enjoyable. Particularly with your child or kids.

After several days of research and communication with some users of cookie presses, the editors were able to discover some cookie appliances that will not only meet your needs, they’ll also give you value for your money.

Introducing our list of ….

The 10 Best Cookie Presses in 2017: The Reviews

10. DKST Kitchen Cookie Press

best cookie presses

Another remarkable cookie press by DKST. But this one comes with 25 seasonal discs with varying forms that will help you make brilliantly decorated cookies for any occasion. Plus, it’s 25 percent larger than the previous one on this list and than most cookie presses on the market.

Regardless of the number of cookies that you intend to make, the ergonomic handle of this press feels so comfortable on the hand. This ensures that you do dozens of presses without feeling any strain on your hand.

No matter the toughness of the dough, this press will handle it like no body’s business. The cookies made with this appliance are of uniform shape. The 8 metal icing tips included in the package allows you to put an amazing artistic finishing touch to your cookies like a cookie press master. Plus, you can use the included piping instruction to make devil eggs, spritz cookies, cakes, and so much more.

Cleaning this utensil is so easy and simple that your child can take it apart, clean it, and put it together again.

Of all the people that are using this cookie press, about 50+ took the time to write a review about it, including what they find unique about it, what they don’t like about it, and how to get the most out of it. You’ll find their reviews helpful. Check them out right here.


9. SveBake Cookie Press

best cookie presses

With a diameter of 3-inch, and a height of 8.66, this cookie press has the capacity to take loads of dough at just one filling. So no more need for frequent refilling that will break the flow of your cookie making task.

The no-slip bottom of SveBake cookie press makes it stable while shooting out the dough without slipping onto the cookie sheet. Plus, it drops cookies with a uniform accuracy. The ergonomic handle is designed to add some sort of comfort on your hand so that you can concentrate on your cookie making without feeling any pain on the handle.

SveBake cookie press comes with a frosted and thick glass that’s not only strong but also easy to clean. The see-through barrel lets you see the level of the dough so that you know when it’s time to refill.

This is one of the highly rated cookie presses on the market. Most users took their time to write their reviews about it. We discovered this in our quest to creating a list of the best cookie presses in 2017. The reviews contain useful information, including the functionality of this device, and how best you can get the most of it. This will help you make a wise purchase decision. Check them out right here.


8. Norpro 3301 Cookie Press

best cookie presses

A strong and sturdy cookie press made completely of metal. Unlike most crappy presses on the market, no part of this make falls off or bends when using it. The dough flows through smoothly without any problem.

Norpro 3301 comes with 24 accessories that you can use to make cookies with varying artistic shapes and decorations. The molding discs that come with this cookie press are very sturdy and do not twist from the pressure of the dough. This is very uncommon in most cookie presses on the market.

Norpo cookie 3301 press has a unique trigger mechanic feature that allows you to shoot out cookies almost effortlessly. This is perfect for making dozens of cookies without straining your hand, particularly if you have arthritis in your fingers. Plus, it has a 2 setting options that you can use to adjust the device to either one or two press.

If cookie recipe is an obstacle for you, don’t fret. Cookie recipes with an instruction booklet are included in the package of this appliance. Norpro is very easy to put apart for cleaning, and the assemblage is so easy that your youngest child can put it together. Give it a try. You’d be glad you did.


7. Cuisinart CCP-10– best electric cookie press

best cookie presses

Make smooth and consistent flow of cookies with a single automatic touch of operation. This is an electric cookie press with an ergonomic handle that adds some sort of tenderness on your hand. With 8 stainless steel decorating guidelines, and 12 stainless steel cookie discs in varying forms, there’s no limit to the amount of creativity that you can implement in your cookie making with Cuisinart CCP-10.

The see-through tube feature allows you to see the quantity of dough left in order to know the appropriate time for refilling. The fact that this device can be disassembled without trouble makes it an easy to clean cookie press. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

Once you master the use of Cuisinart CCP-10 electronic cookie press, you’ll start making cookies in a professional way. Your loved ones may even think you’ve taking a cookie making class before.

While we were conducting the research on the best cookie presses on the market, we discovered some reviews by users of this device, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. And we think it will help you determine whether it’s a perfect press for you or not. Check the reviews here.


6. Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press

best cookie presses

Make dozens of mouthwatering cookies in a twinkle of an eye with Kuhn Rikon cookie press. It has the capacity to squeeze out cookie though through the 14 outstanding steel disks that come with it, including squares, ovals, pinwheels, hearts, etc. Add your cookie making prowess to this appliance and you’ll never be short of ideas for making cookies again.

An amazing feature that we found very useful and unique is the stainless steel trigger mechanism that allows simple single-handed cookie making with any of the 14 interchangeable disks that are included in the package. And this is one of the factors that helped this device made it to our list of the best cookie presses in 2017.

Also, there are 6 pastry nozzles that come with this appliance that you can use to customize your cookies, cakes, and so much more. This press has a transparent plastic barrel that allows you to see the amount of content left so that you know when to refill.

It’s very easy to take this cookie press apart for cleaning, to put the parts together is as simple as starting the ignition of a car. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe. Once you’re done with cookie making, you can store the device and the accessories in the storage box that comes with it.


5. DKSTKitchen Stainless Steel Cookie Press

best cookie presses

Are you tired of seeing your hands become strained after making dozens of cookies? This is common to some cookie making devices in the market today. But this one, DKST Kitchen stainless steel cookie press is exceptional. The handle is designed to feel gentle and comfortable on your hands so that you can enjoy every single moment of your cookie making with your kids or loved ones.

With this, there is no more need for you to bend discs. No matter the toughness of the dough, DKST Kitchen cookie press will deal with it easily. It comes with two different size settings, and can make consistently perfect cookies.

It comes with 4 icing tips that you can use to put amazing finishing touches to your cookies. There are about 20 designer metal discs that come with this device which you can use for every occasion or season. And it’s the perfect cookie press for teaching children how to make cookies.

The package of this appliance includes every single thing that you need to make cookies, including incredible recipes. The only thing that’s missing is your creativity. Once you add that to this kit, the sky will be the limit to the number of delicious and beautifully decorated cookies that you can make.


4. Kuhn Rikon Clear

best cookie presses

From ovals and squares to pinwheels, hearts, etc. make lots of delicious cookies within the shortest period of time with Kuhn Rikon cookie press. It’s a stainless steel appliance with a trigger mechanism feature that allows you to make yummy cookies using any of the 14 interchangeable discs that come with it. The trigger mechanism feature was designed with every type of user in mind – left and right-handed.

The press has a transparent barrel that allows you to see the quantity of the content so that you know when it’s time to refill. Its lightweight makes it an easy to handle cookie press for users of any age group. There are different types of cookie recipes that come with the package of this press that you’ll find really handy.


3. Wilton Cookie Pro Press

best cookie presses

Take your spritz cookie making to the next level with this cookie press. Making conventional cookie spritz has never been easy thanks to this appliance. It’s designed to feel so gentle and comfortable on your hand, and to take the guesswork out for refilling.

It comes with 12 incredible forms and 4 mini cookie designs that you can use to crank out cookies with amazing shapes for any occasion. The base is non-slip which helps prevent the press from sliding on the cookie sheet. This will help give you the best result. Cleaning is very easy and simple.

In addition to the instruction manual that comes with the package, there is also a cookie recipe booklet that you’ll find handy for your cookie making chores.


2. Wilton Comfort Grip

best cookie presses

A plastic cookie press with an ergonomic handle that feels so soft and easy on your hands. No more bruises on your hands because of using a cookie press. One thing that makes this appliance stands out in our list of the best cookie presses it that it’s made of plastic with clear barrel that lets you see through to know the quantity of dough, and to determine when to refill. No more guesswork for refilling. Also the base is fluted and raises the press off your cookie sheet to give you an excellent result.

Wilton Comfort Grip cookie press comes with 12 different plastic disks with a wide variety of patterns, including heart and flowers, Christmas tree, pumpkin, ribbon, wreath, etc. Cleaning this device is so simple and easy that your youngest child can handle that.


1. OXO Good Grips – best cookie press in 2017

best cookie presses

Make cookies consistently every time using OXO Good Grips. This device has a bottom that does not slip. The benefit is that it helps keep the cookie press stable while dispensing. A clear cylinder comes with this appliance which allows you to see the amount of dough that’s left. It’s very easy to take this tool apart for easy loading and cleaning.

OXO Good Grips cookie press has a handle which is non-slip, reasonably large and designed to feel comfortable for recurring use.

Among the useful accessories that come with this press are 12 different stainless steel cookie discs in varying forms, including heart, flower, tree, wreath, daisy, bear, snowflake, leaf, butterfly, sunflower, shell, and fleur-de-lis. With this, you will never be short of patterns to use for creating delicious cookies for any occasion.

There you have it. Our list of the ten best cookie presses in 2017. Hopefully, you’ve been able to make the right choice for your cookie making needs.

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