10 Best Cordless Drills 2017 [Reviews]

The best cordless drills abound on the market these days. The trouble is that finding one for your unique needs can be a bit daunting. Because of this, the editors of this website, UserExperience.net, were asked to scour the market with the goal to uncover the best wireless drills in 2017.

best cordless drills

After several days of research and communication with users of the drills listed in this review article, following is the result of their investigation.

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10 Best Cordless Drills in 2017: The Reviews

1. DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill – best cordless drill under $100

best cordless drills

The half inch drill-driver that comes with this cordless drill is perfect for fastening and drilling applications in different types of materials, including plastics, metals, and woods.

This unit is designed with the powerful motor tucked inside a compact devise that helps enhance the comfort of the user. Particularly when working in a tight space for a long periods of time.

The 0-450/0-1,500 RPM double-speed capability and the 380 unit watts high-output features help maximize the efficiency for fastening and drilling applications. In addition, the 5.2 weight and its length of 9-inch makes this appliance the best cordless drill for working at uncomfortable angles and tight spaces. The lightweight also makes it a perfect unit for women and elderly people.

Another remarkable feature that helped propelled this unit onto our list of the best cordless drills in 2017 is the single-sleeve keyless ratcheting chuck made with plastic. It helps provide a tighter bit grip for excellent bit retention, and better accuracy and precision.

DEWALT’s DC970K-2 cordless drill is perfect for applications such as HVAC work, installation of cabinet, and framing. Plus, it helps reduce user tiredness and helps maximize performance.

Besides the main wireless drill, other relevant accessories included in the package are: a one-hour charger, two 18-volt NiCAD batteries, and a contractor bag for easy transportation from place to another.


2. BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Cordless Drill


best cordless drills

Light weight and compact, this cordless drill is designed to work in tight spaces and to ensure less user exhaustion. It comes with an anti-slip soft grip that helps soothe your hand when working with the machine.

When working in a dark space with no lighting, there is a LED work light feature designed to help illuminate the surface of the area on which you’re working so that you can get the job done without trouble.

The 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery that comes with this unit is compact, light in weight and has the capacity to hold a charge longer between uses. One thing that makes the battery of this unit different from the batteries of other cordless drills on the market is that it has a longer life cycle than the rest.

An 11-position clutch is another unique feature that helps this drill standout on the market. And it helps ensure accurate drilling control into plastics, woods, metals, and various screw driving tasks.

Black & Decker LDX120C 20-volt MAX lithium-ion drill or driver delivers 115 inches per pound of torque, and 0 to 650 RPM – revolution per minute – in a light weight and easy to use cordless drill. Women and seniors won’t have trouble handling this cordless drill.


3. Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Compact Drill

best cordless drills

Do-it-yourselfers in the house! This is the best cordless drill for you.

It has a weight of 3.6 pounds and comes with two 20-volt MAX compact lithium ion battery packs, and a compact charger with a contractor bag for easy storage and transportation from one place to another.

This unit has an ergonomic feature handle that provides control and comfort when working, and a half inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck that ensures tight bit gripping strength.

Another essential feature that helped pushed this unit on to our list of the best cordless drills in 2017 is the high speed transmission that delivers two different speeds of 0-450 and 1500 revolutions per minutes – RPM – for a varieties of drilling and fastening tasks.

Additionally, DEWALT DCD771C2 comes with a powerful motor that has the capacity to deliver 300 unit watts out – UWO – of power and the aptitude to complete a wide series of fastening or drilling applications.

This unit can be used in tight spaces thanks to its compactness and lightweight. Women and elderly people will find it easy to handle this wireless drill. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for heavy or commercial use.


4. BLACK+DECKER LDX120PK – best cordless drill for the money

best cordless drills

Got lots of random projects to deal with, including fastening and drilling on various types of platforms? This is the perfect cordless drill for you.

The wide range of tools included in the package of this device makes it an ideal unit for do-it-yourselfers. Its compactness helps make it easy to use in tight spaces and awkward angles. Plus, the LED light feature helps light up the surface of the platform on which the user is working. Especially when you’re working in an area with low or no light at all.

The 20V lithium drill that comes with this unit can be used on a wide range of materials, including plastics, woods, metals, and light concrete walls. Also, the lithium ion battery included in this unit has the capacity to hold a charge for a longer period of time for successive uses.

This drill is designed to prevent stripping and over driving of screws when fastening thanks to the 11 position clutch feature.

A carrying bag is included in the package to facilitate the storage of the machine when not in use, and its transportation from one place to another.

Other relevant accessories in the package are: a tape measure, one high torque screw driver, a knife, a battery and a charger, four nut driver bits, a hammer, an adjustable wrench, one needle nose pliers, a flat head screw driver, and so much more. There are up to 66 accessories and hand tools included in the package.


5. RICHPOWER Genesis GCD18BK – best cordless drill under $50

best cordless drills

Get the job around the house done without breaking the bank with this cordless drill. It’s an 18 Volt wireless drill with a variable speed of 0-550 RPM, and a 3/8 inch keyless chuck.

This is one of the best cordless drills for the jobs around the house. It comes with a storage case and other relevant accessories that will help make your drilling or driving tasks a lot easier.

There is a built-in LED light feature designed to help illuminate the surface of the material on which you’re working. This is very useful for a place with no light. A magnetic tray for screws and bits is also nicely featured on this machine.

The pistol grip of this machine is made of rubber to help prevent it from slipping. Genesis GCD18BK comes with clutch settings, 16 position torques, and an electric bike. The battery that accompanies this wireless drill is very strong and can last for several hours during use.

One exceptional thing about the battery is that it has an indicator light that lets you know when it’s fully charged. This will help prevent you from overcharging which is one of the causes of death of batteries.


6. Hitachi DS18DGL Cordless Drill/Driver

best cordless drills

The 400 in/lbs of torque feature that comes with this device makes it a powerful drill for penetrating through any tough surface, including concretes, metals, and woods. It also comes with two compact and effective batteries that can last longer when fully charged.

The batteries are designed in an HXP Li-Ion slide style making the handle of this drill slimmer for a more ergonomic grip.

The battery charger that comes with this drill is an innovation that offers the Lithium Ion battery with excess and over-discharge protection in order to prevent lose of power or overheat which tends to increase the lifespan of the battery.

When you’re working in a place with no light, there is a LED light feature designed to illuminate the surface area of the place you’re working. A half keyless chuck is nicely integrated in this appliance to help provide simple and trouble-free replacements.

Hitachi DS18DGL cordless drill comes with twenty two torque settings, a 22+1 stage clutch, and a drill mode for accurate driving and high torque applications.

When using this wireless drill, you can set the speed to suit its application on the platform on which it’s being used so that you can work without much stress. Thanks to the two speed gear settings feature that makes this possible.


7. Makita FD02W Cordless Driver-Drill

best cordless drills

This is an ultra-compact cordless drill with a weight of 2.2lbs, and a length of 7-7/16”. The battery that comes with this machine is designed to help minimize user fatigue so that you can get lots of things done within a short periods of time.

Makita FD02W has a variable 2-speed design of 0-350 and 1,300 RPM capable of covering a wide range of driving and drilling applications. Like most of the devices on our list of the best cordless drills in 2017, this one also comes with a LED light feature that lights up the area on which it’s being used.

The grip is so soft and soothing on the hand. This makes the user feel comfortable while working with the machine. Makita FD02W comes with 12V max Lithium-Ion batteries designed to work for longer run time, and lower discharge when not in use.

In other words, when the batteries are fully charged and the drill is left unused, the energy in the battery will be conserved for later use. Hence the batteries have lower self-discharge. And it takes less than an hour for the batteries to be fully charged. This will help you get lots of things done.

Included in the package of this cordless drill are two max lithium-ion batteries, two double ended Pillips bit, a holster, a 200 in. lbs. max torque, and a tool case for storage.


8. PORTER-CABLE PCC606LA Drill/Driver

best cordless drills

Whether you’re framing out your rooms, doing cabinetry installation, or fastening hinges on your doors, the package of this cordless drill comes with every essential accessory for carrying out a wide range of projects at home.

The compactness of this 20-volt max half inch drill drive combined with the innovative lithium-ion battery power help make fastening and drilling less daunting. Particularly in tight spaces with discomfited angles for a longer periods of time.

Beside making drilling and fastening easier, PORTER-CABLE’s PCC606LA wireless drill is light in weight and compact in stature to help eliminate user fatigue without compromising on its power and speed. Thanks to the high-output and the two-speed gearbox that make this possible.

The total package of this drill comes with all the vital accessories and tools that you can use to power through the hardest fastening applications, metal drilling, wood drilling, and concrete wall drilling.

There is a built-in LED light feature designed to help illuminate the surface of the area on which you’re working.

On both sides of this unit are rubber bumpers that help protect it from damage. Another notable feature on this unit is the belt clip that’s designed to be attached and to fit both right and left handed users for easy access when working. The lightweight of this wireless drill makes it a perfect unit for both female users and seniors.


9. Bosch PS31-2A Drill/Driver

best cordless drills

The lightness of its weight, the shortness of its height, and the length of its head make it the best cordless drill for overhead and tight areas with dreadful angles. This device allows you to handle drilling and driving tasks both at home or workplace almost effortlessly.

Its high torque and the convenience setting of the two speeds that comes with it, Bosch PS31-2A is an easy to handle and a powerful drill for effective, quick driving and drilling.

Bosch PS31-2A functions with a combination of performance, speed, and power. This makes it a perfect device for do-it-yourselfers that like to fix things by themselves, and professionals for working at their work site.

The head of this drill is 7-inch in length making it easy to fit conveniently into tight spaces. Another useful feature is the LED light that’s designed to illuminate the surface of the material on which a user is working. This is perfect for spaces without light.

It has a latest developed 3/8-inch single sleeve chuck designed to hold 90 percent of common applications.

On the side of Bosch PS31-2A is a fuel gauge feature that allows you to manage the battery. In the package, there are two batteries, a charger, and carrying case for easy storage when the appliance is not in use.


10. Stalwart 18V Cordless Drill

best cordless drills

This is an exceptional 18V wireless drill that comes with useful accessories for any type of drilling tasks. The drill and the accessories are all packaged in a nicely made carrying case for protection and storage. This makes it convenient for you to have everything that you’ll need for a drilling job at one place.

Stalwart 18V cordless drill comes with 16+1 torque setting controls that allows appropriate adjustment for working on various types of materials, including metals, plastics, woods, and light concretes. Another awesome feature is the 3/8 inch keyless chuck that lets you change the bits easily and quickly.

The battery that accompanies this device is strong and powerful. When fully charged, the battery can hold for a long period of time and let you work for long without stopping for a recharge.

While we were compiling the list of the best cordless drills in 2017, we came across some users that still own this drill. Some of them have shared their experience about this device, including the good, the bad, and how it works. Their reviews will help you make a wise decision. Check them out right here and find out if this is a perfect unit for your needs or not.

There you have it. Our list of the best cordless drills in 2017. Hopefully our reviews have helped you made the right choice.

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