10 Best French Press Coffee Makers 2017 [Reviews]

The best French press coffee makers in 2017 are not easy to come by. Why? Because there are countless number of coffee press machines on the market, and each manufacturer claims to make the perfect appliance that you can ever find.

best french press coffee makers

Sadly, it’s difficult to believe the manufacturers until you try their products. It will be unwise to try every single coffee machine with the aim to find the right one.

The good news is that UsersExperience.net editors took the time to scour the market with the sole objective to uncover the best French press machines.

Below is the result of their findings.

Introducing our top…..

10 Best French Press Coffee Makers in 2017: The Reviews

10. Ritual Stainless Steel Coffee Press Make

best french press coffee makers

Beautifully designed with a bamboo trim and a stainless steel structure. The design of this device is so exceptional that you can watch the kaleidoscope of your coffee brew without letting plastics get in the way. The strong professional –rating glass that comes with this make is sturdy enough and can handle your everyday coffee brewing tasks.

Have you ever brewed yourself a cup of coffee and upon taking the first sip, you felt some sediments in your mouth? This happens when the filter of a coffee machine is dysfunctional. Ritual French press coffee maker comes with an accurate filter screens expertly designed by coffee press masters to trap coffee grounds during brewing before they make their ways into the finished brewed coffee. So at the end of the brewing you’ll get a cup of coffee with the finest taste that will sink down your throat deliciously.

The base of Ritual coffee press is made with a 400 degree heat resistant silicone designed to protect your table and offer you a soft and spill-resistant landing. Using this machine to brew coffee is as enjoyable as drinking the brewed coffee from it. No wonder it’s one of the highly rated French press coffee makers in 2017.

You might want know what current users have to say about Ritual French press coffee maker, including the unique functionality features that come with it. Take a look right here.


9. Utopia Kitchen French Press

best french press coffee makers

With this, you can brew yourself deep coffee with rich flavors, including dark coffee with no burnt taste. It’s a very functional coffee machine that works efficiently well. Cleaning this is a breeze, and it does not occupy lots of space when it’s not being used.

If you’ve never used a French press coffee maker before, this is the perfect machine for a beginner coffee brewer.

Utopia French press has a reasonable size and it’s capable of brewing about four mugs or 34oz. It comes with a smooth and easy plunger. A 34-ounce borosilicate strong glass carafe is stylishly placed in the machine with feet to prevent it from vibrating when the machine is being used. Attached to the lid is a white plastic liner that helps prevent the lid from getting too hot.

This machine is simple and easy to use than most coffee makers in the market today. It brews really fast and there are no damp filters to deal with. In addition to brewing coffee, you can also use Utopia French press to make tea. That is a unique feature that added to some of the things we considered before adding this machine to our list of the best French press coffee makers in 2017.


8. LINKYO French Press Coffee Maker

best french press coffee makers

Where are the minimalist coffee lovers? This is for you. A simple French press coffee maker with minimal parts designed to make its usage easy. Cleaning this machine is as simple as spelling the word “dog”. The beauty of this machine will add to the aesthetic look of your countertop or kitchen.

LINKYO French press comes with a dual stainless steel filter system – one ultra-fine mesh screen and a large screen. The former is integrated in the machine to block tiny coffee grounds from leaking through when you’re pressing. And the latter is integrated to block grounds from passing through the sides when brewing.

One exceptional thing about the LINKYO French press filter system is that the metal filter screens are not disposable like in most coffee makers. You can clean them and reuse them again and again. This will help you save lots of money that would have been spent on new filters.

The lid and plunger components are made of stainless steel so no worries about getting plastic parts in your brewed coffee.

If you feel unsatisfied with this overview of the LINKYO French press, learn more from people who have bought it and have used it several times. You’ll get lots of the details about its functionality and the unique features that come with it.


7. Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

best french press coffee makers

Designed to live as longer as its owner, this machine comes with both the inside and outside made with stainless steel. It has a capacity of 34 Ounce/1000ml and all its parts are dishwasher safe.

Not even the smallest coffee ground will make its way into your mug again with this machine thanks to the 3-layered stainless steel filter structure that helps trap coffee ground sediments that like sneaking into freshly brewed coffee that’s ready for consumption.

This will ensure that you get the finest brew from your coffee beans. This is one of the traits that helped propel this unit to our list of the top best French press coffee makers in 2017.

The handle and the knob are designed for safe and comfortable pouring so that you can expertly pour your coffee into the mug like a barista.

In addition to this review of Secura Stainless Steel French press, we discovered lots of people who have bought this unit and shared their experience about it. Their experience will help you discover lots of functionalities about this machine. Learn more from them.

Also, people like you who were considering this make asked a lot of specific questions about it and some users were kind enough to provide them with helpful answers. You can learn from that, too.


6. Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker

best french press coffee makers

For lovers of black coffee, this is a weapon of mass black coffee brewing. This machine extracts delicious flavors from coffee beans without giving you a burnt taste. With this unit, you have everything you need to brew yourself a great pot of coffee on a regular basis.

Every single time of coffee brewing with this machine is an enjoyment of the coffee brewing lifestyle, just like a barista. You’re likely to turn into a deeper coffee drinker if you’re not one yet. This coffee maker just makes coffee brewing enjoyable.

And if you’re sick and tired of the bitter coffee being served at your workplace, opt for this machine and start brewing your own coffee at the office.

This machine looks cute and beautiful. The stainless steel matches the plastic, glass, and even looks amazing with the black color of the coffee with which it will be filled. Apart from the handle and the lid, the entire coffee maker is all glass.

With this machine, no more grounds in your brewed coffee thanks to the spring that holds the screen very tightly while the coffee maker is carrying out its magic. This ensures that you get the finest brewed coffee.

You can also learn more from people that are currently using this coffee maker. You’ll find their experience useful.


5. SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press

best french press coffee makers

The metal body makes this machine a sturdy coffee maker and it’s easier to clean. Additionally, the metal body also makes it a coffee maker that can withstand the test of time – durable. If you’re the type of coffee lover that loves stronger brew, this is the perfect machine for you.

With this unit, you can use a metal spoon for stirring during brewing without worrying about breaking the machine. With the metal body no more worries about the kids or your pet breaking your coffee maker.

SterlingPro double wall stainless steel French press coffee maker is one of the strongest in the market today. Apart from this remark, people who are currently using this machine have also said a lot about it, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. You might want to find out more about that to determine if or not this will be a perfect coffee maker for your needs.

Also, check the questions and answers about this device that people have shared right here among themselves to learn more about it. There, people that are considering this machine asked relevant questions about specific functionality, and people who’ve bought it took the time to share their unique experiences with potential buyers. This will help you a lot.


4. Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

best french press coffee makers

Experience French press coffee at home on a shoestring with this wonderful coffee maker. With this, you’ll never lose the sweet aroma of your coffee again.

Bodum Brazil French press coffee maker extracts a realistic amount of acids and essential oils from the coffee beans for the greatest amount of taste from your coffee. This is a common practice used by coffee lovers around the globe for brewing coffee.

This machine comes with a string and heat-resistant borosilicate glass beaker, and a handle made of plastic base. These features make Bodum Brazil easy to use and clean. Another incredible feature of this coffee maker is the 3-part stainless steel plunger. It has a mesh filter that helps it extract the finest aromatic oils and flavors from your brewing.

Despite its splendid look and efficient design, it’s considered one of the best French press coffee makers in the market today. And this is one of the reasons Bodum Brazil made it to our list of the top best coffee makers in 2017.

People that have been using this device for a long time even attested to this. You may want to read their reviews to learn more about what this unit has to offer. In addition, other people asked lots of questions about Bodum Brazil and some users were kind enough to share their experience with them.

Besides the reviews of this make by some users, the questions and answers will not only give your more information about this device, it will also help you make a wise purchase decision. Take a look here.


3. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

A coffee machine that uses a reasonable amount of water temperature, with a mild air pressure to brew your coffee without any acidity or bitterness. When running, AeroPress coffee maker immerses itself into brewing your coffee thereby extracting the highest quality coffee from your coffee beans in order to give you the best coffee with full flavor.

This model comes with a filter that ensures a ground free coffee for an enjoyable drinking experience. Brewing with this device doesn’t take much time. The actual press time is only 20 seconds.

AeroPress is the outcome of numerous years of applied research by Alan Adler, an engineer that conducted several coffee brewing experiments. His research revealed that absolute immersion, appropriate temperature, and quick filtering are keys to an excellent coffee flavor.

As a result, Adler invented and tested lots of coffee brewers before settling on this model, AeroPress coffee maker. This make comes with the most effective features that you can find in the best French press coffee maker on the market.

The total immersion of coffee grounds in AeroPress machine get in touch with the same water temperature. In conventional machines, it’s partial. This makes coffee brewing process in this machine short. And the mild air pressure extracts additional flavor from your coffee beans.

With AeroPress coffe maker, you can make 1-4 servings with a single pressing within seconds and still get rich flavor.


2. SterlingPro French Coffee Press


best french press coffee makers

Get a deliciously tasting coffee from your coffee beans with SterlingPro French press coffee maker. This machine is capable of brewing up to 1liter of coffee thanks to the large size teapot. The carafe that comes with this device is made with borosilicate glass that’s known for being heat-resistant and durable as well.

This coffee maker is one of the most durable coffee makers in the market today. If durability is one of the things you’re considering in a coffee maker, this is the answer to your prayer. It will work for a long period of time for you.

Have you ever brewed yourself a cup of coffee and while drinking it, you noticed some coffee grounds in your mouth? This can be the most horrible coffee drinking experience, right?

To give you an enjoyable coffee drinking experience, SterlingPro implemented an exceptional double screens system that helps filter little coffee grounds that would have eluded a coffee maker with a single screen filter system. This ensures that your finished coffee is groundless and smooth.

Besides the screens featured in the machine, the package also comes with two extra screens for replacement. The screens are very easy to clean, ensuring that no remnants of coffee beans get stuck on them.


1. KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker – the best French press coffee maker in 2017


best french press coffee makers

Make an appetizing cup of coffee like a pro coffee drinker using KONA French press coffee maker. A portable coffee device perfect for camping, traveling, or the office.

This make comes with a comfortable handle designed to last for a long time. The machine itself is strong and makes pouring coffee into your mug effortless.

A coffee machine that comes with filter and plunger features that are constructed with weak rubber and plastic are predestined to fall apart after a short period of use. The good news is that KONA coffee maker is designed with a three piece stainless steel infuser system that guarantees taste-free features for pure tasting coffee beans.

Protection was one of the factors that the manufacturers considered before putting a finishing touch to this coffee maker. As a result, it comes with a shield outer shell that not only looks attractive on the kitchen counter, but also shelters the glass pot from crack and chips.

The teapot that comes with this coffee maker is made of borosilicate glass known for resistance to thermal shock. This makes the teapot extremely strong and durable.

KONA coffee maker is very easy to clean. It comes with a removable stainless infuser system, and it’s dishwasher safe. It’s the most rated French press coffee maker in 2017.


Hopefully, our overview of each coffee maker on this list has helped arm you with the right information that you need to choose among the best French press coffee makers in 2017.

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