9 Best Travel Coffee Mugs 2017 [Reviews]

In our quest to create a list of the best travel coffee mugs on the market, the number of brands that we discovered was overwhelming. The problem with the brands is that they all claim to make the best mug in the industry. So choosing who to trust among the manufacturers of coffee mugs became an issue to us.

best travel coffee mugs

As a result, we decided to step out of our comfort zones by conducting thorough research on several of the travel coffee mugs on the market.

After several days of profound research and communication with users of the mugs that we gathered, we were finally able to fish out the best among them. Below is the result of our findings.

Introducing our list of the top …

9 Best Travel Coffee Mugs in 2017: The Reviews


1. Contigo AUTOSEAL – the best travel coffee mug in 2017

best travel coffee mugs

To those people who move around a lot, this is the best coffee mug for you. Regardless of your mode of commuting – plane, train, driving, riding, or horse drawn carriage – this mug is convenient to use. It can easily be held with one hand, and it’s both leak and spill-proof. It fits perfectly well in cup holders of most cars.

One of the things that make this mug stand out on the market is its aptitude to retain the hotness of your coffee for up to eight solid hours. When it’s being used for cold drink, it can keep your beverage cold for up to twelve hours. This trait is attributed to the double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel feature.

Contigo AutoSeal comes with a pivot lid that can be opened easily for cleaning. The lid has a lock feature designed to keep the auto seal button from being pushed accidentally while you’re on the go.

When using this mug, you don’t have to worry about coffee leaks and spills, particularly if you’re in a public place. There is a patented autoseal lid feature that seals up every time you sip your coffee to prevent spillage and leakage. The above are just a few of the reasons this unit ranks number on our list of the best travel coffee mugs in 2017.


2. BigMouth Inc coffee mug

best travel coffee mugs

A ceramic coffee mug with a sturdy handle that’s easy to hold, and feels great when holding it. This mug is made with ceramic of high quality. It has a 12 ounce holding capacity with an unbelievable ability to retain the hotness of your coffee for a longer period of time. One of the relevant features that helped propelled this unit onto our list of the best travel coffee mugs is the smoothness of its interior with no bumpy design that makes washing difficult. This makes it really easy to clean after use.

Besides coffee, it can also be used to hold tea and any other beverage that you can think of. If you’ve a friend or relative who loves coffee, this mug will be a perfect gift to them. They’ll remember you every time they lift it up to sip their coffee.


3. Contigo AUTOSEAL Transit Stainless Steel 16 oz – best spill-proof travel coffee mug

best travel coffee mugs

If you’re tired of coffee mugs that spill all over your dress when drinking, this is the right solution to that. This mug comes with an exceptional auto seal feature designed to prevent spillage when you’re drinking coffee. A perfect unit for people who do lots of commuting. With this mug, you can enjoy your coffee while hurrying to your place of work, to catch the next train or bus, or while you’re climbing stairs without seeing a single drop of coffee.

Another thing that we find fascinating about this mug is the CleanGuard lid feature that helps prevent germs and dirt from getting inside the mug. It can retain the hotness of your coffee or other beverages for hours and hours without getting cold. Plus, it’s one of the easiest to wash travel coffee mugs available. So keeping it clean is easy breezy. It comes in three different colors. The price varies based on your choice of color.


4. Contigo SnapSeal Superior Vacuum Insulated

best travel coffee mugs

Regardless of whether you’re a righty or lefty, this mug can be opened on both sides of its lid for comfort sipping. Plus, it’s easy to snap open it for a quick sip and close immediately after sipping. It doesn’t leak when its sealed shut. Even when you hold it upside down with your coffee inside, no drop will fall out.

This travel coffee mug can keep your coffee or other beverages hot for several hours without getting cold. Thanks to the thermalock feature that makes this possible. It has the capacity to hold up to 20 ounces of your beverage and it can fit perfectly well in cup the holder of your car. Another interesting thing that we noticed about this mug is that the outer body stays cool even when you pour hot coffee in it.


5. Francois et Mimi Set of 6 Large-sized 16 Ounce Ceramic Coffee Mugs

best travel coffee mugs

This is a set of six coffee mugs of large sizes. They’re made of ceramic and are 16 ounce each. The large handles that come with this set are strong and feel sturdy when holding. This ensures your safety from accidentally pouring hot drink on yourself. The mugs are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

The sizes of this set of coffee mugs are reasonably large and can hold a large quantity of coffee. The design and colors can add to the beauty of your kitchen. Unlike thick mugs that leak out from corners when drinking, the drinking edges of these ones are nicely designed to prevent leakage from corners while you’re drinking.

The inner part of these mugs is non-porous and nicely glazed to prevent the absorption of stains. They’re easy to clean.


6. Le Creuset Stoneware 12-Ounce Mug

best travel coffee mugs

Remarkably designed with a porosity of less than one percent, this coffee mug is highly resistant to odor, stains, and cracking. It is made of stoneware and can keep your drink warm for a longer period of time. An outer lip is intelligently featured on this mug and it’s designed to let you sip your hot coffee without trouble. It has a capacity of 12oz and can hold a reasonable amount of hot beverage.

This mug is really comfortable to hold and very gently on the lips. It can sit firmly on any surface that you place it, and it’s both dishwasher and microwave safe.


7.uHome Camera Lens Travel Thermos – best cool travel coffee mug in 2017

best travel coffee mugs

Surprise your photography enthusiast friend or loved one with this camera lens travel coffee mug. Seeing this one for the first time will make you think it’s a real camera lens. When you see someone drinking coffee with it for the first time, you’d think the person has gone mad or something. People will give you questionable looks when they catch you drinking with this mug.

It’s a really cool travel coffee mug with all the features of a camera lens. It’s very strong and does not leak. The interior is perfectly insulated and it can keep your beverage hot or cold for a longer period of time. Plus, there is a metal spoon of excellent quality that’s included in the package of this mug.


8. LifeSky Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Coffee Mug

best travel coffee mugs

Designed with a modern vacuum insulation technology, this mug has an amazing feature that sucks out air for the creation of a vacuum between the interior walls of the mug. By this means it reduces the consequence of outside temperature on the content of the mug.

This allows the mug to keep your beverage hot or cold for a longer period of time. It also comes with a remarkable safety lock on the lid designed to seal the mug securely in order to prevent accidental spills and leakages. So if you’re looking for a perfect leak-proof coffee mug, this is another one for you.


9. Culturenik’s Dunder Mifflin Ceramic Gift Coffee Mug

best travel coffee mugs

A perfect gift for a fan of the Office, an American television series that was aired from March 24, 2005 up to May 16, 2013 on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). The series was enjoyed by most Americans and remains one of the most viewed series in the United States.

This is not a heavy coffee mug, it has a moderate quality with an exceptional look. It’s made of ceramic construction and comes in a well put together package that is carefully delivered by the seller. So no worries about the coffee mug being broken after you place your order for it.

The graphic on the mug stays intact even after using it for long. So you don’t have to worry about the writing on the mug fading away or scratching off. Plus, it’s both microwave and dishwasher safe and it’s very easy to wash.


Compiling the list of the best travel coffee mugs on the market wasn’t an easy task due to the endless number of mugs available. But our deep research helped us uncover the top best among others. So the above mugs are the top rated mugs on the market. Hopefully, you’ve been able to choose the one that meets your needs.

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