Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms 7-Speed Blender — Review

I guess you’re considering a blender for your smoothies, right?

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I found myself in the same situation sometime ago. Thankfully, after reading a bunch of reviews about blenders, and spending lots of time on the Internet trying to find the best blender for smoothies, finally, I bought one. I’ve never regretted buying it ever since. Not even once.

The blender I’m talking about is the Oster reverse crush counterforms 7-speed performance appliance.

Below is my review. Hopefully, it will help you make a wise purchase decision.

The Oster high-speed blender has a built-in powerful motor with 600-watt. The motor is designed to move to various directions within the jar so that it can reach most of the unreachable places that other blenders cannot. Unlike most blenders with blades that move in one direction only. Oster counterforms blender has built-in blade that’s designed to move in various directions at the press of a button.

Instead of stopping the blender in the middle of blending in order to scrape food from the blender with a spoon, you can set all up at once and focus on something else while the blender does its job.

The pre-programmed smart settings technology feature in this blender makes blending almost hands-free.
Using most blenders require lots of attention and some manual help from the owner. The Oster high speed has come

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to change that. With seven speeds – high and low pulse options, you can set up the blender once and it will carry out the blending business without much interference from you. All you need to do is to pre-program your preferred setting – function and duration – and allow the blender to do what it does best — blending.

All metal drive is a blade made of metal in the Oster blender. The

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metal blade makes it a strong device among most blenders. The metal blade allows you to crush hard fruits – carrot, cucumber, apple, etc. – easily without worrying about breaking it. Additionally, the blade is much more durable than a plastic one. So you can be rest assured any time you’re blending most of your favorite fruits with hard textures.

The 7 speed options that comes with this blender makes it an exceptional appliance in the market. The speeds from low to high pulse allow you to set up the blender to suit the type of food you want to blend. Most food stuff like fruits or vegetables with hard texture require high speed pulse to be able to blend them effectively.

Unlike other blenders with only one speed options, this one gives you lots of options for the type of food you want to blend.

Following is the dimension of the Oster counterforms blender; it is 6.5 in height. This is without the glass pitcher. But with the glass pitcher, it’s 15.0. The base is 7 inches high. The container is approximately 9 inches in height by 51/2 inches in width at the mouth top. The container can hold up to 6 cups. In standing position, the blender stands 14 inches high. At the base, it’s over 6 inches wide.


Oster reverse crush counterforms 7-speed is one of the top best blenders for smoothies in the market today. Besides veggies, most users have been able to use this appliance to chop ice without any damage.

Another thing that I like most about this blender is that it’s very easy to disassemble and clean. Once cleaned, you don’t need to be an engineer to reassemble it.

Unlike other blenders that require frequent turn on and off, including the use of a spoon or spatula to unclog the content, this one comes with a unique motor that spins forward and backward at the press of a button once. So you don’t have to worry about your blender being jammed up or chocked.

When I first bought this appliance, I got pissed off the first time I tried to use it to blend some ice and frozen products. After loading the jar and turned it on, the blade wouldn’t spin well. But once I added some liquid, it worked perfectly to well.


The noise can be annoying. Trust me! The noise was one of the first things that gave me a doubt over this blender. After a couple of use, I realized that the noise was as a result of the power of the motor. It’s damn strong and it’s one of the features that make this blender exceptional in the market. In that regard, I don’t really fret a lot about the noise.

Buying a new blender that will meet your needs, and last for a long time takes a bit of effort. Being able to afford one becomes a second thought. But getting one that will stand the test of time is the most important.

Like me, if what you desire in a blender is a basic, strong, powerful, and reliable blender, then, the Oster reverse crush counterforms 7-speed may be the best blender for your smoothies and other blending chores in your kitchen.

In addition to the above review, the video below will show you how the Oster Reverse Crush Counterfroms blender works. Take a look at the video below.

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